UTILIGI Communications has the capacity for your construction needs.  Whether it is small or large, simple or complex, our experienced teams can handle your construction projects to deliver a complete and successful outcome.  We use all of our resources to ensure that we not only meet all of your expectations but exceed them.  It is through these practices our customers projects are installed according to contract requirements, specifications and regulations.  With each project our goal is to ensure that the project deliverables continuously align with the overall objectives to stay on schedule and adhere to strict quality standards.  We will serve as your single point of contact for all of your construction and maintenance needs.

Our vision and goal is to be the preferred construction service provider by achieving extraordinary results for our customers! Please take time and view our list of services below.

Construction Wireline Services:

003 - 1202x800
042 - 1202x800
035 - 1202x800
007 -1202x800
006 - 1202x800
005 - 1202x800

Construction Wireless Services:


    Wireline Services:

  • FTTX Engineering, Design & Permitting
  • HFC Engineering, Design & Permitting
  • HDD Bore Profiling & Planning
  • Pole Engineering
  • Utility Depth Verification (Potholing)
  • Duct Verification (Rod & Proof)
  • Right Of Way Permitting
  • Traffic Control Planning & Permitting
  • Wireless Services:

  • DAS & Small Cell Engineering, Design & Permitting
  • A&E Services
  • Make-Ready Engineering & Pole Loading Analysis
  • OSP Inspections
  • Utility Coordination

    Wireline Services:

  • FTTX Installation
  • OSP Cabling (Aerial & Underground)
  • HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling)
  • Pole Placement
  • Hydro Excavating & Vactor Services
  • Trenching (Open & Joint)
  • Vault Placement
  • Restoration (Concrete & Asphalt)
  • Wireless Services:

  • DAS & Small Cell Construction
  • Cell Site Construction & Upgrades
  • Line & Antenna Installation & Testing
  • Civil Construction
  • Equipment Integration & Testing
  • 24/7 Emergency Response
  • Storm Damage Remediation
  • Repair & Replace
  • Vactor Services
  • Decommissioning Services
  • Construction Quality Control
  • Preventative Maintenance